Insane Liberal Woman Spots Old Man Wearing MAGA Hat- You’ll Love What Happens Next

An insane liberal lady who sports a mohawk spotted an old man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” at a Starbucks coffee shop and decided to scream in the elderly white man’s face and called him “a hater of brown people” and “Nazi scum” has been fired from her job.


The 74-year-old man, who was identified as Victor, told KTVU he was wearing the iconic red hat when the woman began yelling at him outside the coffee shop in Palo Alto.

“This woman came over and not only started screaming at me, she turned to the Starbucks audience and said, ‘Hey, everybody come here! This guy’s a racist! This guy hates brown people!’” Victor told the news station.

Victor, who is Jewish, also told other news outlets that the woman called him a Nazi, Fox News reports.

The woman, who later identified herself as Rebecca Mankey, admitted in a lengthy Facebook post that she yelled at Victor and called for anyone who spotted the 74-year-old wearing the “MAGA” hat to “please confront him.”

“I yelled at him. Called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him more about how it’s not okay to hate brown people…I called him more names and told him to call the police…He wouldn’t call the police so I called him a wimp, He got his stuff together to leave. I followed him to the register while he complained about me,” read the post on Mankey’s page, which has since been deactivated. “Then chased him out of Starbucks yelling at him to get the f— out of my town.”

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