Sanctuary Mayor In Deep Trouble – City Demands Resignation After Her Closet Swings Wide Open

She thought she could hide it – but now she’s put her city to shame.

Whenever we look into the inner-dealings of powerful Democrats, we seem to find corruption.

It’s almost a guarantee.

We might never know why. Take this latest case. The mayor of a major city—a sanctuary city—was suddenly caught in a big scandal.

She got a nice big payday from a major corporation, just as they were negotiating a deal with the city.

Sounds bad? It only gets worse. Now the city is demanding her resignation—and she’s hiding out.

From AP:

At least one Baltimore City Council member is calling for Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign as a scandal intensifies over allegations of “self-dealing” arrangements to sell her children’s book series.

The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, accepted $100,000 from Kaiser Permanente for a bunch of copies of her children’s book.

Oh, and this was happening, right as the company was seeking a contract to provide healthcare for city employees.

Wow, that doesn’t sound shady at all! (Can you hear my sarcasm?)

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