Trump Drops Announcement On Herman Cain: “In 2019, I Want To Appoint Herman To Be My Next Federal Reserve Board Member”

It looks like Donald finally wants Cain for a big position in Washington…

Herman Cain is one of the rights’ move-beloved commentators and presidential candidates.

I don’t know about you, but I love him!

His no-nonsense approach to leadership drives Democrats crazy. Also, his role as CEO of a private business (meaning he actually understands money, like The Donald).

It might be that very reason why President Trump loves him too. Because it looks like he’s about to give Cain a big job on Capitol Hill. From Axios:

President Trump has told confidants he wants Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve board, but will wait until his background check is completed before making the formal announcement, according to two senior administration officials familiar with the decision.

Wow, that is BIG news for Herman – that would be fantastic!

According to reporters, Trump even wants to appoint Herman Cain as the head of the Federal Reserve board, a coveted spot.

He’s only waiting for Cain’s background check to be complete, which is basically a formality to prevent Democrats from complaining.

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  • If/when President TRUMP actually nominates our Mr Herman Cain

    his US Federal Reserve Director

    I say congratulations Honorable US Federal Director Herman Cain

    I hope you get the job!!!