After AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Fails – Top Republican Announces The ‘Real’ Green Deal

Alexandria will never be able to live this down – this guy’s replacement puts hers to shame.

The Green New Deal was a disaster, and we all know why.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced her plan to outlaw cows, cars, and planes, her foolish proposal was quickly voted down in the Senate.

And not just voted down: it was a unanimous 56-0 vote. OUCH. Even Democrats voted present and refused to back up her socialist plan. Why? Because they knew it was a BAD deal.

But one top Republican wouldn’t let it go—instead, it was his inspiration for a REAL deal.

He’s Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), he wants to replace the failed Green New Deal with common sense. And a perfect name. From The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday in front of the Capitol, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced his proposal for the ‘Green Real Deal’… [and] establishes four platforms for “American innovators to utilize, exploit, and deploy for their success,” according to Gaetz.

That’s right! We need common sense in the Washington swamp, don’t you agree?

The globe has been warming and cooling on its own for thousands of years, and it’s our job to take care of the world—but not at the expense of destroying the economy and putting people out of work.

AOC’s plan didn’t care about the cost, and studies showed all her efforts would have little impact. Instead, Gaetz wants to use innovation to help our military and our people.

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