After Mexico Fails To Protect Border, Trump Sends Them Scrambling To Help

Donald dropped the border hammer, and now Mexico is going above and beyond.

President Trump gave Mexico plenty of heat this week over the border—and it’s finally coming to a head.

He threatened to hit Mexico with heavy tariffs if they didn’t deal with border jumpers, and he even promised to close the border.

In just a few days, it looks like Mexico’s taken the hint—now they’re rushing to fix it.

And it looks like we have Trump’s masterful negotiating skills to thank. From NBC News:

Trump said that Mexican officials had stepped up immigration enforcement on their side of the border.

“They’re apprehending everybody. Yesterday they apprehended 1,400 people, the day before a thousand. If they apprehend people at their southern border, where they don’t have to walk through, that’s a big home run. We can handle it from there. It’s really good,” he said.

Home run! Great job, Mr. President.

Trump is getting Mexico to catch thousands of border jumpers at their Southern border before they get a chance to cross ours. That’s genius.

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