Liberals Fuming After Howard Schultz Makes Announcement Live During FOX News Town Hall

Evie Fordham at The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF)

Possible 2020 candidate Howard Schultz, who has teased a run as an independent for months, said Thursday he does not believe abortion should occur in the third trimester.

I recognize that every woman has — this is such a personal issue, and it’s between her and her god as to what that decision should be, and in my view there should be no abortion that is in the last trimester,” Schultz said during a town hall that aired on Fox News.

He said the Supreme Court has already decided the abortion question “in many ways” and seemed reluctant to call himself pro-choice, saying, “I have been a person that is pro-choice.”

“President Clinton said something a long time ago that I think does apply, and he said abortion should be safe, legal and rare. And that’s where I am. Thank you very much,” Schultz continued.

Moderator Martha MacCallum followed up by asking the former Starbucks CEO if he was afraid he would lose support on the right by describing himself as pro-choice.

“Do you worry at all that, you know, when you want to court Republicans, that even just being pro-choice is going to cross you off the list for a significant number of them?” she asked.

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