MEGA VIRAL: Trump Team Releases Video Exposing Border Crisis; The Media Will NEVER Show You This

The crisis at the southern border is getting worse and Democrats in congress are doing nothing to help President Trump.

Donald J. Trump For President, Inc. released a video on Friday that highlights just how bad the situation on the border really is.

The video was strategically released right before the President boarded Air Force One to visit parts of the newly constructed border wall along the southern border.

The campaign noted, “The video features 2020 Democrats flippantly dismissing the situation, as well as prominent Obama era experts and media figures admitting that there is indeed a crisis. The video closes with a call for Democrats in Congress to work with President Trump to address the problem.”


“Democrats refuse to admit there is a crisis along our southern border and are even actively campaigning on an open borders platform,” Kayleigh McEnany, National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign said. “President Trump has been an unmistakable leader on the issue of illegal immigration since before he took office and will not rest until our border is secured.”

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

On Thursday, Trump backed down from his threat to shut down the border. Instead, he gave Mexico a “one-year warning” to make serious headway in stemming the flow of illegals to the border (which, by the way, means the issue would come up in April 2020 — the homestretch of the presidential election). Trump warned that if Mexico does not slow the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into the U.S., he will impose tariffs of 25% on automobiles and, if that doesn’t work, he might shut down the border altogether.

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