Shelters That Protect Women Against Domestic Violence Now Allows Transgender Men

The renewal of a law enacted decades ago to protect women against domestic violence crimes is full of leftist statutory devices and entitlements, restricts gun rights and requires the nation’s prisons to accommodate criminals based on their gender identity. If the measure, introduced in the House of Representatives last month, passes it will also defund women’s shelters because they cater to females and don’t allow transgender men who might self-identify as women.

Originally passed in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been renewed and broadened over the years to fund agencies that offer victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse social services. It receives hundreds of millions of dollars from American taxpayers annually.

Last year Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee introduced a VAWA reauthorization loaded with similar prohibitions on gun ownership and leftist policies as the version currently floating around the House. Fortunately, the bill was never brought to committee or the House floor for a vote but many of its outrageous provisions have made it to the 2019 measure, which was introduced early last month by California Democrat Karen Bass and Pennsylvania Republican Brian Fitzpatrick.

“The bill improves on current law by improving services for survivors of violence, expanding housing protections for survivors, and expanding relevant training for school based and campus health centers,” according to a statement issued by Congressman Fitzpatrick. “It includes services for young people to combat bullying, education youth on how to prevent violence, and helping children exposed to violence.”

In the press release Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, fails to mention various Bolshevik ideas that are being advanced in the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019.

Among them are measures restricting gun ownership, the creation of an alternative justice system to avoid law enforcement and preposterous housing policies that, among other things, protect criminal activity.

It also requires the nation’s prisons to incarcerate transgender convicts according to the gender they identify with and women’s domestic violence shelters to take in men that identify as women. The 2019 reauthorization creates a new protected class under “gender discrimination” and specifically prohibits sex segregation in sleeping and housing facilities and leads to the elimination of “women” shelters/transitional housing/sleeping facilities.

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