Trump Lays Down The Law On Mexico, Drops Rock-Solid Border Deadline

If Mexico crosses his red line, Trump’s got 2 big presents for them.

This week, Trump promised to close the Southern border to end the migrant crisis.

Swamp dwellers in Washington panicked, scared that their supply of over-priced avocados would be hurt. And Mexico tried to ignore him.

Trump doubled down on the threat, and now he’s laying out the ground rules with Mexico.

They WILL follow his orders – or else they’ll be in a world of hurt. From Fox News:

President Trump on Thursday said he was giving Mexico a “one-year warning” to stop the flows of migration and drugs into the U.S., or he would slap tariffs on cars made there and close the southern border.

BOOM – that should get them in line!

Trump promised Mexico huge tariffs and a complete border shutdown if they fail to stop the crisis at the border.

He’s giving them a deadline of just a year.

That might seem like a far way off; Trump could have closed the border today. But he’s letting Mexico—and the world know—that he means business, and he’s giving them a reasonable amount of time to fix it.

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