Pro-Choice Libs Suffer Massive Defeat In Texas – But Taxpayers Save A Bundle!

No one thought this would really happen…

Wow, Texas knows how to do things, don’t they?

Though the Lone Star State has had its difficulties with a rising Blue Wave, it remains a bastion of American and conservative values.

And the latest victory in the Texas Senate proves that compassion and common sense are here to stay!

Planned Parenthood and the liberal pro-choice crowd just suffered a major defeat, and one can only hope the same will happen in other states.

If you hate the idea of your tax dollars going toward abortions, you’re not alone…

And Texas agrees that it’s WRONG!

From Breitbart:

The Texas Senate voted Monday to prohibit state and local governments from allowing tax dollars to fund abortion providers.”

‘I think taxpayers’ dollars should not be used for abortion facilities or their affiliates,’ said state Sen. Donna Campbell, reported The Eagle.

The bill is simple:

It bars state and local governments from connecting with abortion providers, even if their contract isn’t specifically related to abortion services.

The bill passed 20-11, and afterward Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, “there is nothing more important than defending the defenseless.

Pro-Life citizens have been saying this for decades!

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