Social Security Crisis Announced – Millions Just Vanished In 3 Top States

And your money went to the last people it should have gone…

When you read the headline, you probably had just one question: “Where did MY money go?!

After all, you’ve spent years paying into Social Security, right?

It should be going back into your pocket when you retire, not people who never paid!

Unfortunately, we’ve heard about corruption and incompetence our federal government, and that includes the Social Security Agency.

And one of the worst scandals in Social Security’s history was just uncovered. A new audit just found that the agency had been paying out cash—to dead people.

From The Daily Caller:

“Social Security Administration (SSA) officials paid nearly $42 million to about 500 dead people in three states, according to Office of the Inspector General audits released in March.”

Dead people? That’s ridiculous! What a waste.

This particular problem hit three states; Michigan, Maryland, and Texas. But if it happened in those states, it probably happened in other states, too.

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