Watch As Former ACLU Director Calls Reparations Talk “Scam”- Says “Stop Blaming Whitey”

It takes a lot of personal and political courage for a black person to stand up against any issue the far Left Democratic Party supports when it comes to its practice of identity politics, but one former ACLU leader has done just that.

During an interview on Fox News‘ Friday, former ACLU national board member Michael Meyers called 2020 Democrats’ push for “reparations” for blacks a total scam that itself is built on racism.

“It’s more of that blame whitey movement mania, madness. And it’s sheer racial rhetoric, and that’s what you get at the Al Sharpton so-called ‘house of justice.’ You have buffoonery, and you have diversion, you have distraction. You have this notion of farce,” Meyers said.

“So at that house of so-called justice you have either a horror picture show showing, or you have a farce. Either way, it is not to be taken seriously,” he said.

Meyers’ comments came as 2020 Dems prostrated themselves before the altar of alleged king (or queen) maker and historic race hustler Al Sharpton as his National Action Network conference this week.

“I can’t understand how serious presidential contenders can give legitimacy to a racial blowhard,” Meyer added. “And I think it is outrageous and silly and idiocy on the part of the presidential candidates.”

The former ACLU official also noted that he thinks outward, vocal support for reparations will not be well-received by most Americans heading into the 2020 elections when Democrats are trying to win support from as many voters as possible — not just the party’s faction of hyper-partisan Marxists.

“And anybody who thinks that white Americans are going to take the blame or going to feel guilty or give their land and their property away in some sort of reparations pot because they feel responsibility for the sins of their forebears, they’re not,” Meyers said.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out that critics of reparations argue reparations are racist — and Meyers said that assessment is spot-on.

“That’s why I say it’s unintelligent. Nobody is giving up their house, nobody is giving up their land. Nobody is giving away acres, 40 acres are gone. And nobody — not even a building is going into that reparations pot. So what are they talking about? These people are, they are chasing a farce,” he said.

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