Trump Delivers ‘Lone Star’ Executive Order – Sends Obama Democrats Scrambling

Texas has been good to Donald, so Donald is being very good to Texas—and all Americans.

With mounting wins this week, Trump isn’t letting off the gas.

One of his biggest victories has been rolling back Obama’s legacy across the board. For over two years, he’s kept his campaign promises and undone the damage of the previous 8 years.

And now, he’s about to sign not just one, but TWO massive executive orders for Texas that put America back on track. From The Hill:

President Trump will travel to Texas Wednesday to announce two new executive orders that aim to make it easier for the oil and gas industry to get permits for pipeline construction, among other infrastructure needs.

Boom—you’re welcome America!

Get ready to start enjoying cheaper gas and electricity prices after Trump signs orders to improve the oil and gas industry.

This is a stroke of genius! Over the years, our energy sector has been increasingly taken over by the government.

Cities and states would find thriving energy companies and pounce. Then suddenly, prices would skyrocket.

That’s because the government isn’t good at running businesses. That’s not its job!

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