Ben Carson Executes Trump ‘Zone’ Order – Hands Donald A $25B Surge

Democrats said it couldn’t be done – and the media won’t report how Carson pulled it off.

Ben Carson has been slammed by the liberal media for years, but that makes zero sense for two good reasons.

Carson came from humble beginnings and became a renowned neurosurgeon—I mean, the guy’s smarter than almost anyone who criticizes him!

And today Ben is moving mountains in D.C. to destroy the swamp and help millions of Americans.

His biggest announcement yet proves what you can do when you believe in America. From IJR:

According to Carson, private businesses have committed to spending $25 billion in inner cities throughout the United States, pledging to build businesses in areas that have been abandoned economically.

WOW – this is fantastic news! And even more fantastic when you realize what Trump and Carson have pulled off.

Trump signed an executive order to create “opportunity zones” to make this private-public partnership possible after Democrat plans failed.

Then Ben Carson, as head of Housing and Urban Development, carried out the order and scored $25 billion from private businesses to restore inner cities across the country.

Past Democrat administrations wanted to “help” the poor by giving out food stamps and sub-par healthcare. And what did we get? A total mess.

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