Obama Deep State Leaks Of Classified Information Hit Record HIGH Against Trump

We know — color you surprised — but according to a newly released study, leaks of classified information have surpassed all previous records under POTUS Donald Trump.

That said, it certainly isn’t a reflection of the commander-in-chief as much as it’s a reflection of just how reviled he is by the Washington bureaucracy and the Deep State.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Illegal leaks of classified information have reportedly reached “record high levels” during the Trump administration, according to a nonprofit group citing DOJ stats.

“Agencies transmitted 120 leak referrals to the Justice Department in 2017, and 88 leak referrals in 2018, for an average of 104 per year,” the Federation of American Scientists reported, citing numbers issued by the Justice Department.

“By comparison, the average number of leak referrals during the Obama Administration (20092016) was 39 per year.”

Trump administration officials have tried to tamp down leaks but despite whatever efforts have been attempted by his Cabinet officials, the anti-Trump bureaucracy has continued to leak like it was their jobs.

“It has continued,” FAS noted in its newsletter. “Despite preventive efforts, the 2018 total of 88 leak referrals was still higher than any reported pre-Trump figure. (The previous high in recent decades had been 55 referrals in 2013 and in 2007. The lowest was 18 in 2015.).”

“The newly released aggregate data on classified leak referrals serve as a reminder that leaks of classified information are a ‘normal,’ predictable occurrence,” FAS reported. “There is not a single year in the past decade and a half for which data are available when there were no such criminal referrals.”

Some of the reasons why leaks fell under the Obama regime include:

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