CNN Analyst: When Obama Separated Families, “It Was For Their Protection”

CNN once again showed their bias when National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd claimed Obama’s policy of separating families was for “their protection.” She claimed Obama’s policy was put in place to reduce human trafficking or “other kind of harm” to migrants.

This is of course hypocritical beyond belief because that’s the same claim made by the Trump administration. They were just trying to protect the children from traffickers and other harm.

Why does CNN consistently excuse Obama era policies while condemning the exact same thing from the Trump administration? Doesn’t that seem hypocritical?

YouTube video courtesy of The Federalist Papers Project

BLITZER: “He stopped it after he authorized the zero-tolerance policy that was announced by John Kelly here in “The Situation Room,” only, what, six or eight weeks after he was inaugurated and then the attorney general Jeff Sessions, at the time, he implemented that policy. The policy no longer exists right now, but that was a new strategy, a new policy that they had implemented to deter illegal immigration.”

UNKNOWN MALE: “Right, but let’s be clear on the facts here, is that the Obama Administration did not have a wholesale policy of zero tolerance at the border, which is what led to the family separations in the first place. So Obama’s attorney general, unlike Jeff Sessions, did not have a policy of prosecuting 100% of families. And as a result, did not systemically break apart family now, the Trump Administration has said, we’re not going to break apart family units, which means we have choices.

We can keep the families together, or do what we call catch and release, and allow them into the United States throughout the pendency of their immigration proceedings. But let’s also be clear that there were tweets that were out there from 2014 that were misleading, that did attribute those to the Trump Administration, those were from the Obama Administration.

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