This ‘Guardian Angel’ Officer Saved Hundreds Of Lives With His Incredible Gift

Hats off – he’s a hero!

It’s the sworn duty of a police officer to serve and protect.

But it’s not just about running down purse snatchers and trying to keep drugs off our streets.

The duties of a dedicated policeman extend far and wide, as officer Kevin Briggs proved for nearly 20 years.

He wasn’t just a cop … he was a guardian angel!

Briggs started as a California Highway Patrol officer in 1994 and in the next quarter-century, he saved over 200 lives.

How does a highway cop reach that lofty number? By pulling hundreds of people from the wrecks of cars?

Nope. In fact, the “Guardian of the Golden Gate,” as Briggs is called, stopped over 200 people from making a VERY big mistake:

In case you didn’t know, the Golden Gate bridge is a popular place for suicides.

Unfortunately, this iconic landmark has been a target for the miserable and depressed, and many have thrown themselves off the edge.

And though Briggs was never trained to talk down suicidal people, he knew he had to do something.

He just couldn’t watch this keep happening … not on his watch!

It took some practice, though, as he told CBC in an interview:

“I think my approach right from the start was wrong.

Just to walk right up to those folks and start talking with them. Now what I do is I stand back and I’ll just introduce myself.

I’ll say ‘Hi I’m Kevin’ or ‘I’m Kevin with the Highway Patrol, is it okay, is it alright if I come up and speak with you for a bit?’

I want to get their permission and empower them.”

And so, Briggs set out to gently talk any would-be jumpers away from the edge of the Golden Gate.

He has indeed succeeded over 200 times, and those 200 souls couldn’t be more thankful.

THIS is a legacy NO police officer can attest to!

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