Nearly Every House Democrat Just Voted On Bill To Destroy America For Good

They’ve Lost It: Nearly ALL House Democrats Sign Onto Bill That Would Force Schools To Put Biological Males On Female Sports Teams

By Jon Dougherty at The National Sentinel

There will always be factions of Americans who sign onto the burgeoning lunacy of Democratic Party policies, but because the vast majority of us are sane, the party will never win over a majority of voters.

The same members of a party who claim you’re a menace to society if you “deny” that human-caused climate change is occurring, sans real evidence, are also hysterically denying the established science that only two sexes — male and female — exist within the human race.

All House Democrats except one signed onto a bill that would force public schools to allow biological males to join all-female sports teams, claiming — incredibly — that physically, there’s no difference between biological boys and girls.

The Equality Act, which has zero chance of passing but is highly illustrative for political purposes, broadly amends civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs, and credit, NBC News reported. The bill’s specific language prohibits discrimination based on peoples’ “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Okay. Got it.

However, some of the bill’s co-sponsors and supporters see it as a way to allow Democrats to destroy gender-specific sports by requiring that transgender athletes in public schools be permitted to compete on teams that match their claimed sexual identities.

One of the party’s lead crazies, Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) the House Judiciary Committee chair, had this to say about the Equality Act:

Many states have sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination laws, and all of them still have women’s sports. Arguments about transgender athletes participating in sports in accordance with their gender identity having competitive advantages have not been borne out.

Sports have positive impacts on physical, social, and emotional well-being, and we should not be denying transgender athletes those opportunities simply because sometimes they may win. Nor should their occasional success be used as a roadblock to advancing civil rights legislation for LGBT people as a whole.

If arguments about transgender athletes being more capable than their not-same-sex peers haven’t been “borne out” it’s because this is still a new phenomenon. This hasn’t been an “issue” for more than a couple years.

But anecdotal evidence that would become part of any formal study of the issue of competition certainly does indicate that there are huge differences in outcomes when, say, biological males are able to compete against biological females in sporting events.

Sarah Warbelow — director of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group — championed the Equality Act in written testimony to the House and channeled Nadler:

Opponents of equality in athletics for transgender athletes have argued that girls who are transgender have unfair physiological advantages over cisgender girls and as a result, will dominate women’s competitive sports. Some have also suggested that girls who are transgender pose a threat to their cisgender teammates both on the field and in shared locker rooms.

None of these arguments are rooted in fact. Existing evidence shows that denying opportunities and access to students based on their gender identity causes actual harm to those students, while there is no data to suggest that girls who are transgender are dominating athletics or posing a harm to their cisgender counterparts.

First of all, it’s ludicrous to use the term “equality” — and Democrats knows this because they are already mislabeling legislation to hide its intent (like the “Affordable” Care Act). There is nothing “equal” about pitting biological boys against biological girls. Girls against girls and boys against boys is the definition of “equality.” That’s how girls sports came into being in the first place; they wanted to compete but they couldn’t compete against boys in the same sports.

What isn’t “rooted in fact” is her claim and Nadler’s claim that biologically, boys and girls have different skill sets and different levels of strength and endurance — and more specifically, generally speaking, that pound-for-pound boys are stronger.

That is established scientific fact (unlike human-caused ‘climate change’).

Some sanity was introduced into the legislative process but it didn’t matter.

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