President Trump Blindsides Congress – He Never Gave Pelosi A Chance

Nancy never saw Donald coming – he’s just too quick and too smart.

The Democrats are getting desperate. Their Russian “hunt” failed, so now they’re resorting to old tactics to damage President Trump.

We haven’t heard about Trump’s taxes in a long time. Why? Because Democrats gave up and tried other dirty options.

They all failed, so Nancy Pelosi and her posse are back to this scheme, this time with control of the House.

But Trump is shutting them down before they had a chance.

From Twitter:

Pres. Trump on his tax returns: “I would love to give them, but I’m not going to do it while I’m under audit.”

“I got elected last time, the same exact issue, with the same intensity, which wasn’t very much, because frankly, the people don’t care.”

BOOM. Donald didn’t even give it a chance to gain steam.

He went as far as to say the American people don’t even care. He said they elected him without knowing about this tax returns.

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