Congress Sends Cohen Spinning, Drops Hefty Charges For His Swamp Slip-Up

Michael Cohen is in serious trouble for going after Trump.

Patriots were shocked when Michael Cohen, lawyer and former ally of President Trump, turn on his boss. This snake in the grass claimed he had evidence to take Trump down.

For his betrayal, he ended up in deep, deep trouble.

Cohen personal insulted Trump, dragging his character, reputation, and family through the mud. Yet, after all the furious liberal articles reporting on this “bombshell”, Cohen had zero evidence that proved Trump did anything wrong.

But he did condemn himself, by testifying falsely more than once. Now Republicans are going to make him pay.

From The Hill:

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) put his personal weight behind an effort to force the Democratic-controlled House to refer former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for possible perjury prosecution for multiple statements Cohen made in February testimony that conflicts with other evidence in the public realm.

Cohen better watch his back. ‘Cuz McCarthy is coming for him!

Republican leaders in the House are demanding that Michael Cohen is charged for perjury, after making numerous statement—under oath—that have been proven false.

One of his many false statements was that Cohen claimed he never wanted a pardon from President Trump or sought a White House job.

However, witnesses and other documents prove that wasn’t true.

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