First Liberal City Just Took Up Trump’s Offer To Dump Illegal Aliens In Sanctuary Cities

President Trump responded to reports Friday that his administration proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities by not only confirming the plan but saying it remains under “strong” consideration, FOX NEWS reports.

Further, the president tweeted that relocating illegal immigrants to these districts should make the “Radical Left” happy.

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” Trump tweeted.

“The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy—so this should make them very happy!” he continued.

It makes sense to dump these illegals in liberal sanctuary cities like where Nancy Pelosi lives.

In fact, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said he would welcome any illegal immigrants President Donald Trump would transfer to his city, DCNF reports.

“@realdonaldtrump⁩ plans to release detained immigrants to @cityofsanjose⁩? We welcome any families willing to endure such extraordinary hardships and to take such tremendous risks to be a part of our great country,” said Licarrdo in a tweet Friday.

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  • USA must control number of immigrants allowed in per stated time period..

    That number should be determined by USA’s ability to absorb them.
    They must assimilate; obey our laws. America First!

    No illegal entry, period.