Report: First 2020 White House Polls Drop – The Trump-Door Just Dropped Out Under Democrats

Bernie and his Democrat crew thought this would be easy – but Donald’s pulling the lever on them.

There are so many Democrats trying to take Trump’s job, it’s becoming a joke—but the joke’s on them.

Seriously, the Democratic Primary is shaping up to be one of those clown cars. Open the door and watch them all tumble out!

The first poll about the 2020 race has come out. Looks like the clowns are in big trouble.

From Rasmussen Reports:

The new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds Trump edging Sanders 47% to 44% among Likely U.S. Voters.

Boom – looks like Americans aren’t feeling the Bern!

Bernie may be leading the other Democrats, but according to Rasmussen, Trump is beating Sanders with 47%.

What’s even more amazing? Bernie is only getting 74% of his own party! Trump is actually scoring 19% support from Democrats. That’s 1 in 5!

I mean, how bad can you be that you can’t get three-quarters of your own party’s support? Trump is enjoying a nice fat Republican lead of 83%.

Biden seems to have a better chance, but wait! In a matchup with Trump, Donald apparently loses 49% to 44%, but there’s one big problem: 

Democrats have spent the last few weeks trying to sabotage Biden’s chances. They were the ones who came out with all those touchy, feely accusations.

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