5 Teens See Elderly Man Collapse Near The Road – Their Next Move Goes INSTA-VIRAL

What do five youngsters do when they see a senior in trouble…?

Why don’t more people honor and respect our senior citizens?

Whatever happened to helping an elderly individual across the road, for instance?

Well, after hearing this story, maybe you won’t be so cynical and disappointed…

It’s all the more impressive because it features 5 teen boys, and teenagers are notoriously NOT respectful of their elders!

It happened in Caldwell, Idaho, when those teens set off to play some basketball at a nearby park.

As they were driving along, however, they spotted an elderly man collapse by the side of the road.

The driver, Isaac Hernandez, said he saw the poor man hit the sidewalk … and what did he do?

Did he care more about the basketball game he was going to? Did he just coldly ignore the situation?


Hernandez instantly jumped on the brake and pulled the car over. Minutes later, he and his friends were helping the fallen gentleman to his feet.

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