A Year Ago, Trump Made A Promise To A WWII Veteran… And He Just Kept That Promise

WOW – I can’t believe Donald did that for him!

In 2018, President Donald Trump made a promise to 94-year-old Sgt. Allen Jones.

Our Commander-in-Chief had invited the World War II veteran up on stage during a Kansas City Veterans of Foreign Wars event.

That was a tremendous honor, in and of itself!

But Mr. Jones, the 2015-16 VFW Chief of Staff, had a question for Trump:

I’m going to be 95 years of age on April 11 of next year.

Hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the Oval Office to meet you.

Now, the President’s respect and appreciation for this nation’s heroes is well documented.

Trump loves our military veterans, so do you really think he could refuse such a request?

Of course he couldn’t!

Trump quickly agreed to make this veteran’s dream come true, and swore he’d make it happen.

Well, Presidents are busy people … and other Presidents might’ve forgotten about such a promise.

After all, Trump has the weight of the country – and often the entire world! – on his shoulders, so nobody would blame him if his promise disappeared under that weight.

But Donald Trump did NOT forget, and it’s worth seeing.

Last Thursday, he made good on his word and invited Jones, along with three other WWII vets, to the Oval Office.

And yes, Trump timed it so the visit would land on Jones’ 95th birthday, just like he requested!

Trump tossed up a tweet citing the happy event, and included a video of his initial interaction with Jones:

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