After California Gives Trump The Green Light – Donald Drops His Swift Border Hammer

California let Democrats down – and here comes Trump!

The media hasn’t been reporting everything going on down South – so you may have missed this great news on the border.

With the border crisis getting even more intense, thousands of migrants are demanding asylum.

But if you haven’t heard, Trump has won a major border victory in the fight to secure the country.

The 9th Circuit Court is allowing Trump to move asylum seekers back to Mexico. And now, he’s taking action.

From the Daily Caller:

The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to return asylum seekers to Mexico while they await immigration hearings following a temporary lift on an injunction barring the administration from action.

Go Trump! I’m so glad he’s finally sending them back.

Most of the people who jump the border try to seek asylum. It’s a backdoor into the U.S.—a way to avoid our strict immigration laws.

Because of our broken system, many are released into the U.S. and never appear for their court dates.

“Catch-and-release” lets border jumpers slip the cracks. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s your border crisis! (orchestrated by Obama himself?)

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