Here’s What 94 Abortion Workers Did After Watching The ‘Unplanned’ Movie…

A group of Planned Parenthood employees went to watch it, and the results… WOW.

Occasionally, a movie can have an incredibly positive impact.

For example, Unplanned is a new pro-life film that details what REALLY goes on at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

And as you can imagine, the movie was viciously attacked by Hollywood and liberals across the country.

Social media sites like Twitter went as far as banning the movie’s official Twitter account! All in an attempt to silence the truth within the film.

But despite their attacks, the movie went on to enjoy a big opening weekend at the box office.

More importantly, however, the director of the film had a big announcement about what abortion workers did after seeing it…

From The Blaze:

Chuck Konzelman, writer and director of “Unplanned,” a film about Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson…

…revealed Wednesday during a congressional testimony that 94 clinic workers have come forward after watching the movie to seek help leaving their jobs.

Abortion workers, went to see the movie, perhaps out of anger.

But what happened was truly miraculous: many of them have expressed a desire to change their jobs.

Ninety-four clinic workers reached out to the non-profit behind the film – And Then There Were None – in an effort to leave the highly controversial industry.

If you didn’t know, And Then There Were None is an organization dedicated to getting ALL abortion workers to quit.

And remember one important note: the film doesn’t portray abortion workers as monsters.

The film simply helped many of them realize that they can change their ways and find a better career … one that might save lives rather than take them.

The battle to end abortion in this country rages on, though. Big Hollywood and abortion activists spend millions to make sure Roe V Wade is never overruled.

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