Trump Drops $30M Hammer On Democrats – They’re In Deep 2020 Trouble

Democrats thought they were riding high – not after Donald’s announcement!

The Trump Train is already leaving the station. I mean, it’s been running strong ever since 2016.

But with reelection on the horizon, Trump’s campaign is gearing up for another historic win.

Democrats in the media have been gloating that Socialist Bernie Sanders and “Creepy” Joe Biden have been raking in cash for their campaigns. Bernie’s raised around $18 million.

Hmm, that’s cute.

Trump just announced how much he’s raised so far. It put them all to shame. From Twitter:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump’s re-election campaign tells AP it’s raised $30 million in past 3 months, more than top 2 Democrats combined.

KA-BOOM! In the first quarter alone, Trump has raised over $30 million dollars for his reelection campaign!

In addition to that, the GOP brought in $45 million. That is some serious fund-raising effort.

Democrats must be sweating now! Do they even have a chance?

What’s even more amazing is that the vast majority of donations have come from regular Americans like you and me. Trump isn’t being bankrolled by corrupt globalists or the elite of Hollywood.

He’s being supported by patriots who want America great again.

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