7 Things Your Boyfriend Is Annoyed Of Hearing

7 Things Your Boyfriend Is Annoyed Of Hearing

7 Things Your Boyfriend Is Annoyed Of Hearing

1. Repeat


Anything which you repeat again and again makes your boyfriend feel boring with you.

2. That Random Guy Is So Hot

That Random Guy Is So Hot

Boys too get jealous, they don’t show but they do. When you stare at another guy and say something good about that guy this makes your boyfriend jealous and annoyed.

3. Comparison


When you compare him with others boyfriend.

4. Questioning


Boys are lazy they don’t like to answer. They want to live like a freebird.

5. When you say ‘NO’


Boys are dominating, most of the time they want the things as they like. So whenever they ask you to do something then you should do otherwise they will be angry on you.

6. When You Behave Like An Immature Baby.


“Mele babu ne khana khaya?” Its good but not always, sometimes you should be mature enough to text or else leave him alone for while.

7. Surprises


Everybody like surprises but their is a way to surprise. You should surprise your BF but not all the time specially home visits without information. He will kill you😂

you believe or not but its A fact

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