7 Things You Will Miss About Your Sister After She Gets Married

7 Things You Will Miss About Your Sister After She Gets Married

Sister is the one who irritates you at the same time she saves you, sometimes you don’t like her. Well you like her or not but once she goes, you will surely miss her for these thingsšŸ˜Š

1. When Your Mom Wakes You Up In The Morning!

You always use to say mumma “pahel usko uthao” than me. After she gets married you can no more use this sentence.



2. Parent Teachers Meeting

She is the one with whom you attend meetings because your teacher is ready with the box of complains.


3. Late Nights

Your sister helps you to get put of house at midnight without waking your parents.


4. Fights

There will be no one to fight with you for t.v remote, clothes ,Ā chocolates, food, toys etc.

sis45. No More Half Half

You won’t be sharing the things now because you are alone now till she come to visitšŸ˜Š


6. Your Saviour

She saves you from dad when he tries to beat you now you have to defend yourself


7. Playing Pranks

Their will be know one to play pranks with like ringing neighbour’s door bell.


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