8 Things Specially A Couple Should Learn From BARFI Movie!😘

8 Things Specially A Couple Should Learn From BARFI Movie!😘


Hello Movie Lovers,

So which movie are you planning for this weekend? Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Right? Well i must Suggest you another movie of Ranbir to watch instead of going to housefull cinema and if you are a couple then you should surely watch this movie this weekend instead of ADHM.
Well Here is something you should learn from the movie “BARFI”

1. Love has No Language

Love has no language infact “Love Has Nothing But Love” Ranbir was deaf and Priyanka was a special child they understand nothing but they understand their love for each other.


2. Listen To Your Heart

Do what your heart says, otherwise you will regret the things like ileana d’cruz does in the movie😊


3. Love Is Immature

When you truly love a person her/his maturity does not counts. As it is said “Love is Blind


4. At The End It’s Yours

When you truly love someone/something you will surely get it. As Priyanka got her maid and at the end Ranbir too.


5. Everychild Is Special

People nowadays are neglecting their special child, one should not do this.😊


6. Everyone Has Feelings

We may have fallen in Love with someone, Once in our life time, What counts is our decisions that is we took our decision from heart or brain.


7. Carefree

We enjoy more when we do things unintensionally or without thinking.


8. Love Is Friendship

If she/he can’t be your bestfriend then she/he can’t be you soulmate😊


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In Addition: Unconditional Love

When you truly love someone may be your Family, Friend or Partner. You will do anything for him/her without any expectation because true love is unconditional.



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