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China Grants Trump with a One-in-a-Lifetime Privilege no Other Leader Ever Got


According to reports, President Trump just made history and became the first ever U.S. President to have dinner inside Beijing’s Forbidden City.

“President Trump is being treated like a royal during his visit to China, and received a rare dinner inside the country’s most famed imperial palace,” the story read.

“Trump arrived in Beijing on Wednesday as part of his 12-day tour of Asia, and was greeted by a small army of children waving American and Chinese flags as part of an elaborate welcoming ceremony.”

Until now, a foreign leader hasn’t had dinner in the palace in over 68 years, or since the forming of the People’s Republic of China to be exact.

The complex used to be the kingdom of the Imperial Chinese Dragon Throne from 1420 to 1912. The palace was built after Emperor Zhu Di transferred the capital of the Chinese empire from Nanjing to Beijing.

Almost a million workers were used to build the palace which took 14 years. It wasn’t until 1925 that parts of it were turned into a museum.

The Chinese president could be playing tit for tat since Trump took him to his lavishing resort at Mar-a-Lago when he came to visit the White House.

It is almost certain the dinner had a political background.

China’s Xi has been in the process of one of the most impressive consolidations of power in China since the Mao years. Right now, China is well-known for its anti-democratic views, and Party Congress Xi had the privilege to host a dinner of that sort and, as The Economist noted, “(t)he test will reveal whether he is a rule-breaker or a rule-keeper.”

While acting within Congress, he introduced “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”

China hasn’t had a president that moved Bejing in this direction of progress and many are noticing it. The fact that most have agreed with this viewpoint speaks volumes of Xi’s power.

Trump also commented this aspect, saying, “Now some people might call him the king.”

It would be of crucial importance for America to maintain good relationships with America, and vice versa, especially with North Korea’s aggression in mind.

Prior to this meeting, Trump commented on China’s trade deals and collaborations with North Korea, after which China got a grip and began taking matters more seriously.

So, to have this dinner inside the Forbidden City, with Trump front and center in the events means a huge deal. Obama was never able to build any sort of relationship with China, so the tide is slowly turning. With North Korea raging and threatening the world basically, a union of this sort, plus Japan, America will be invincible and Kim’s regime will be doomed.

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