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Chinese President Pays Respects to the U.S. National Anthem…Teaches the NFL a Valuable Lesson [VIDEO]


China’s old ‘communist’ ways have never worked as far as America or President Trump are concerned, but as the meeting between the two country leaders closed, the tides began turning for the better.

What’s even more, it took China plenty of courage to accept America’s way, but seeing a nation of that proportion paying respects to “The Star-Spangled Banner” with every single soul standing up, well that is a game changer.

Trump’s latest trip to China was defined by the New York Daily News as “a small army of children waving American and Chinese flags as part of an elaborate welcoming ceremony.” Trump went down in history by becoming the first leader to have dinner within Beijing’s Forbidden City, an indicator of good faith by both China and America. Still, having Chinese top politicians know a thing or two more about patriotism than our spoiled liberals and NFLers is a sight worth seeing.

Have a look:

The Chinese never once had to do what they did- but they have been raised to be respectful and appreciative of those who mean you well. On the other hand, we have our multi-billion-dollar worth NFLers who couldn’t care less about what the U.S. represents in terms of home.

Over in China, the government has crafted a law that punishes any sort of disrespect of the national anthem. What this means is, people who refuse to stand during the anthem are looking forward to up to three years in jail.

The law has now entered into force in Hong Kong as well, although residents may still be uninformed of the decision.

Of course, Xi is playing his cards right in order to acquire Trump’s help and confront one of his biggest rivals.

Trump has, on several occasions, attacked China’s trade ventures, especially given the fact the collaboration the country had with North Korea.

Xi is now looking to mend China’s relationship with America, which seems to be going well for now. As far as the NFL is concerned, they have a thing or two to learn from China. And perhaps, America should try and follow in China’s footsteps and sanction anyone who dares protest any of the country’s symbols.

Now, that doesn’t sound like a bad plan at all.

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