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Important World Leader BASHED Obama Major Way! – He Is LIVID


We all can agree that Obama’s strongest side was his ‘charisma’, in other words, the ability to go soft and childish on World conventions and other public meetings. He was always telling jokes and “funny” stuff as if he is a clown, all in order for the other World leaders to like him more.

Just nonsense!

Unfortunately, we were doomed to watch his whining for eight long years. Our founding fathers are turning in their graves ove Obama’s despicable actions and a million apologies in his name and in the name of America. We all saw how many times Obama said “I’m sorry” for a non-existent mistreatment by Republican President George W. Bush.

Anyway, Steve Hilton, a former adviser to Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron laid the truth about Obama’s disastrous actions and how he wanted basically to force a relationship with then Britain’s Prime Minister but ended humiliated.

Just a few days ago, during an interview with Daily Mail, Hilton revealed his thoughts of America’s worst president.

A piece of the Daily Mail article says, “David Cameron thought Barack Obama was one of the ‘most narcissistic, self-absorbed people’ he had ever dealt with, his former strategy guru has claimed. While in office the two leaders had a cozy bromance and were pictured high-fiving and playing rounds of golf and ping pong together.”

“But Steve Hilton tore into Mr. Obama for thinking he was ‘smarter’ than everyone else in the room. And he claimed that his old boss Mr. Cameron would get wound up by the ex President’s self-absorption.”

I personally don’t know why nobody stopped him from embarrassing himself but most importantly our country, our dignity which we built it for centuries.

Hilton’s response is not surprising at all since Obama’s bullying to become friends with them was bellow any line.

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