Our Prime Minister, Modi Should Visit Netherland!

Our Prime Minister, Modi Should Visit Netherland!

our prime minister modi should visit netherland

MODI  India’s prime minister.Not everyone is happy with the ongoing tours of our prime minister modi. but as a Prime Minister of a country it is  his duty to visit other country for the purpose of study, that how other countries are working and developing their nation.so this time i would say our prime minister should go to Netherland to see the air purifier and its function because it is very much effective and specially our capital i.e Delhi need it the most.it works as a vaccum cleaner and can purify the surrounding air it can purify the air of about one city.it also takes in carbon which can be use to make diamonds later.

netherland air purifier
netherland air purifier

And the cost if this purifier is not declared but it is approximately around 11lakh. it can be easily bought with our service tax.

Video will show you how it works


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