Mumbaikar Creates History, Winning Wild life Photographer Award At London After Beating 50k Entries

Mumbaikar Creates History, Winning Wildlife Photographer Award At London After Beating 50k Entries

Only a successful man know the worth of his success. How he/she has come/gain that platform, same thing has proved by a wild life photographer of Mumbai Mr. Nayan Khanolkar who was been awarded the prestigious Urban Wildlife prize in London. He won for his “The Alley Cat” picture.

Only a photographer will know what does a perfect picture cost! After 100 and 1000 of clicks a photographer gets a perfect image of the moment he wants to capture.

Below are some pictures of Mr. Nayan
A leopard staring directly into his lens.

A leopard staring directly into his lens.

Leopard is seen sitting under the yellow bulb lit between 2 splattered homes.
Around 50K people assembled in this event from ninety different competitions.

And last but not the least one more man Mr. Tim Laman also won prestigious annual wildlife photography award for capturing a Bornean Orangutan in the indonesian rainforest.

Entwined Lives


Following images will be displayed at Natural History Museum in London and after that photographers will get to travel around the world to capture beautiful photos.

The Moon And The Crow


Road To Destruction


Requiem For An Owl

Requiem For An Owl

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