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Trump Sets Secret Trap To Catch Obama 24hrs After Rogue UN Official Exposes Active Coup At WH


President Trump has several jealous enemies who want him out of office, including Barack Obama.

For example, even though he is a civilian, he keeps reaching to the foreign leaders and speaks against Trump.

Even worse, UN official John Bolton recently revealed that Obama is operating a coup d’état against Trump.

Even though he can receive up to 20 years in prison, he continues with his plan. However, Trump is fed up with Obama’s constant mixing where he doesn’t belong, so he decided to do something and finally fix the problem.

Recently, Trump acknowledged that his National Security Advisor, General, H.R. McMaster, is working as a spy for Obama, giving him important information about Trump and his family. According to CIA officer John R. Maguire, McMaster is the person who gave permission for Trump’s family and Steve Bannon to be surveyed.

Furthermore, Maguire revealed that he used a burner phone in order to share information with a facility in Cyprus that is owned by George Soros.

President Trump is ready to stop Obama and he is creating a team of spies who would counter-attack Obama’s spies. His plan is to hire founder Erik Prince and John R. Maguire who will enable a private global spy network for the White House and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

It is absurd that even though his presidency has finished, Barack Hussein Obama tries to get himself involved in the country. Even worse, he is trying to remove our current president. Just imagine what kind of an image he is giving to the rest of the world. He is speaking with the world leaders, people who we’ve seen that are supporting President Trump. Hopefully, Obama will be stopped.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Freedom Daily.

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