Home News WATCH: Weather Channel Founder Issues Urgent Message To Americans – PLEASE WATCH

WATCH: Weather Channel Founder Issues Urgent Message To Americans – PLEASE WATCH

WATCH: Weather Channel Founder Issues Urgent Message To Americans – PLEASE WATCH

At this point, we have all heard left-wingers scream and freak out over the “threat” of global warming. You can tell just by their reaction when Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord: this was going to get ugly.

Now, we have even more proof that the left is full of it. Here we can see the FOUNDER of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, say that there is absolutely no evidence of global warming.  It used to be a study of science, and now politics have masked any real good that could have come from the studies. We KNEW IT all along!

Liberals are constantly looking for a reason to hold back the people who don’t believe in the same values that they do. Their method of oppression is disgusting. Leftists will claim that you want to destroy the planet, and that you don’t care about the future, when you simply ask basic questions like, “Where is the evidence?”

You should not get HARASSED for asking to see the evidence. It is insanity. The reason liberals get SO mad is that there IS no evidence, and they know it.

Instead of admitting that they’re wrong, and admitting that the science is still out on the subject (or even working against them), the liberals scream like banshees and say you “Must not care about the planet.”

The left needs to get over themselves — real quick. They are using this “front” of global warming, or climate change, to further their agenda. There are people in important places paying them a TON of money to regurgitate those talking points.

Even people like Bill Nye the Science Guy took a frightening stance when asked about people who don’t see evidence of climate change. Bill implied that they needed to be imprisoned. He asked, “Did we imprison the people involved with Enron?”

It’s hard to believe that Nye honestly believes people who don’t think like him need to be jailed. Bill should THANK those people, and follow the scientific process to prove his point. Instead, every conversation he has sounds like his famous interview with Tucker Carlson. Bill claims that the science is in, but can’t cite specifically how, and if you disagree — you want everyone to die. How stupid is that?

Bill (and everyone else on the left) needs to take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. When the founder of The Weather Channel says that he has been studying this for YEARS, and worked in the weather business for 60-plus years, you listen to what he says. When he presents evidence, you read through it, and draw basic conclusions. It all proves the left wrong.

Is “global warming” just another liberal hoax to gain power? Let America know!

We guess that liberals forgot how the whole “proving a point” thing works, but it isn’t that difficult. We are all starting to see that global warming is just a liberal scam to recruit folks to their side, and we are not going to stand for it anymore.

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